Frederik Cornelis

Fredje believes the greater joys of live are to be found in a cup of coffee in the morning, and why not two, as it sets the tone for the rest of the day. It is how he perceives life throughout and it leads him from one adventure to another.

Fredje, as we call him, is a tender person, always in for a good laughter and takes life from the best side. We got to know eachother working together at a restaurant in our hometown quite some years ago. Ever since I’ve enjoyed and been witness of his great generosity and emphatic persona.
Besides being this caring person, Frederik is a very talented photographer, he’s able to capture moments in absolute natural detention with a particular focus on our human spontaneity. Doing so he actively takes part in the caption by showing sincere interest in the people in order to fully understand the story behind it. Pictures are more then merely static frames, they are subject to the convergence of multiple identities with a different history and background in an open encounter. Comparable to food on our communal table that leads back the various roots of our devoted farmers. It appeared quite obvious to involve Frederik in the projects of Kitchenroots as his pictures reflect the atmosphere of the moment in a very warm and vivid snapshot.

Our first collaboration in this specific context is absolutely memorable as it was the day we went to collect our very first bag of cocoa beans at the Belgian seaside, that had just arrived by sailing boat all the way from the Dominican Republic using solely the energy of the wind. We’ve written a short introduction about this adventure under the category of “episodes” which you can find by clicking here.
Fredje likes combining photography with the true pleasure of travelling, and whenever he sees the opportunity, he’ll be off on the next plane, to India in particular. What better source of inspiration than meeting people from other cultures? And I concur, it is the ultimate opportunity to submerge oneself in a genuine and enriching experience, if you fully open yourself to it at least. Having travelled for over 20 years to India, Frederik seemed most suited to accompany us on a journey to meet the Indian cocoa farmers and to immortalize the encounters. To be honest, it didn’t require much persuasion, for obvious reasons… Another milestone in our chocolate story as it was my first time ever, to travel outside Europe for one, but moreover to be on cocoa plantations and to see fresh pods still hanging on the trees.

No wonder you will probably see his name appear numerous times in our stories and news feeds, feel free to have a look at his website: