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On the road

Travelling is the ultimate food experience, open your mind and immerse yourself completely in the local culture...

Pour la version française qui explique plus en détail le projet Kitchenroots en route, je vous invite à suivre le lien en clicquant ici.

Kitchenroots on the road explained/

My idea of travelling is to submerge ourselves in the local culture with respect for the local authenticity and the landscape. Leaving the country as if we didn’t even pass, but creating for ourselves this intense satisfaction and personal enrichment of understanding the beauty of the country and it’s heritage. I don’t believe in tourism, we shouldn’t leave our traces, but rather let the country leave its traces on us and return home being hungry for more. An experience is what changes you, tourism doesn’t. Baring this in mind, I cycled from Ghent to Spain in September. “Kitchenroots on the road” is about discovering the world through the local cuisine, passing through small villages I stopped to visit local artisans and listened to their personal stories about their passion. Wanting to maximise the experience I tried to stay as much as possible with locals, when I did, I was often fortunate to be invited to share dinner with them, which regularly were typical dishes of their region. The journey ended up to be an amazing 2080 km trip from Gent (Belgium) to Girona (Spain) and inspired me to continue exploring the kitchen in all its glory, it still has so much more to offer us...

How was the experience/

My sense of social and environmental engagement pushes me every day to search for those products that correspond best with my ideology, which is not always an easy task in a mainly consumption-orientated society. And even though I wouldn’t dare to pretend to be more Royal than the King, I will always choose for the most well-suited solution where I can. I consider local artisan food and products to be an important part of this idea, and that’s what I looked for during the whole trip, in accordance with my beliefs about the way we should travel.
All along my course, I had the chance to meet many artisan producers of (organic) food, food enthusiasts, passionates about traditional cuisine, and even a notorious cook and a renowned jam maker. I was generously received by every single one of them and they all largely contributed to this unforgettable experience which I’m most happy to share with you trough the different recipes and episodes… My determination has increased and I’m even more inquisitive then before, my focus today is on social quality food, I hope the website reflects this idea in all its aspects.

What if I started to dream about a new trip? Could this be the first step in the preparation; an awesome design on my front bike bags by a true artist and genuine friend from Argentina, our encounter inspired me...