Table stories, the first

At Kitchenroots we not only wish to tell others' amazing stories, but like to create unforgettable moments of our own, with you and for you. That is why we created Table Stories.

Kitchenroots is all about sharing food, sharing that convivial moment around the table everyone’s been looking forward too. That comforting place where stories are told, stories are created. We call them; table stories.
For the first edition we had some really special guests seated. First of all, my mother, who supported me in all my adventures, she didn’t want to miss this big launch for anything in the world. Opposed to her sat the woman that probably inspired me the most in the quest for my greatest passion; Mimi introduced me into natural cuisine and brought me closer to nature as an endless provider of precious produce. My mother laughed when she said Colette, sitting next to her, is my third mother. In fact she somehow is the spiritual guide in my life, an important aspect of my existence… Her generous husband, Philippe, along with three good friends fulfilled the lovely party. Matthieu and Mio, I’m glad you guys are a part of my present and future projects, and thanks for bringing your cousin Nicolas along, he was most pleasant!

Quite a long introduction, but that is because guests really matter! They are essential in this social food story; they actually are the reason of existence of table stories. And how to imagine a better start then one with such an involved company; constructively critical and very supportive.

In the kitchen temperature raise as we only finalised the menu about half an hour before arrival. The challenge was to bring a delicious vegetable-based meal that would surprise and impress, using merely produce we had in stock. This might even surprise some of the invitees reading this just here in the episode. Colette enlightened us on the word “carnival”; derived from the Italian carne levare it means ‘to remove meat’ and is the festive season preceding Lent. Interesting, isn’t it? Our modern interpretation is Days Without Meat; a successful campaign aiming to increase awareness of the impact on the environment of our generous consumption of meat and fish. For forty days we eat less meat and fish, and this is how we contributed collectively with Kitchenroots at the first edition of table stories.

Home-baked crispy mini pizzas and creamy broccoli soup for appetizers, served with a water kefir drink topped of with cava. Guaranteed, a sparkling bitter is most suited to start with as it stimulates the appetite.
The first course we served was a colourful dish of quinoa, red beetroot, apple, purslane, carrot, red onion, sunflower seeds and curd cheese. Followed by a main of creamy romanesco-cauliflower and parsnip puree, rissole potatoes, baked mushrooms, a poached egg and crispy brioche croutons. For desert we served a pear poached in sweetened red wine with vanilla, crispy crumbled chocolate and hazelnuts cake and chocolaty honey ice cream. 

This being the first of many table stories to come we seized the opportunity to start the tradition of joining the party at the end of the evening with a warm cup of lavender tea and sweet biscuits after Bloch’s recipe. Pure tea carefully selected and composed by tea master Ann Van Steenkiste, one of Kitchenroots’ official believers since the very beginning.

Great stories are created together, be sure to take part in one of the next ones. We’re definitely looking forward to welcome you at our table…
Special thanks to our first guests, you were amazing! And to Laura of course, my right hand in the kitchen and tower of strength, without her, Kitchenroots would not be were it is today…