People who believe in me, in theirselves and in a better world to live in...

Yves and Bérangère believe in an increased involvement for the community in response to the growing need of convergence between the different layers of the world’s population in terms of human rights and social welfare.

Jérémie believes life is what we make of it, we are given the choice to seize the opportunities presented to us and have the power to create our own adventures, every day.

Matthieu believes we ought to be frugal with our precious resources and questions our societal obsession to possess, especially for objects we don’t or barely make use of. By actively participating in a circular economy we can save both money, and the environment.

Fredje believes the greater joys of live are to be found in a cup of coffee in the morning, and why not two, as it sets the tone for the rest of the day. It is how he perceives life throughout and it leads him from one adventure to another.

Amaury and Jasmijn have an insatiable curiosity that drives them to go out on the most peculiar adventures, it feeds their brain and stimulates their belief there is ever more to be discovered. Get out of your comfort zone, that truly is where the magic happens.

Michael believes in raising public understanding of the hazards of alcohol and hopes to dissociate alcohol from fun.

Ann believes tea is a way of breathing and enjoying, a sensitivity for subtle flavours. For her, the most tasteful cup of tea is prepared and served with care, attention and love, and preferably shared with friends.

Nicolas believes in the quality of authentic artisan products and is constantly in persuit of inspiration to continue to surprise and treat his customers...