Jérémie De Cocquéau

Jérémie believes life is what we make of it, we are given the choice to seize the opportunities presented to us and have the power to create our own adventures, every day.

Sometimes friends seem to slip away from your life scene as you grow older, because of the choices you’ve made and the paths you’ve chosen, in a complete peaceful and natural way. Jérémie and I were fortunate enough to have crossing paths that brought us back together, despite of the geographical distance between us. Whenever he’s back in town we would make time to meet and philosophize about life. While this might sound abstract, we point out goals we desire to achieve and stimulate one another with incentives in the process towards it.
Jérémie is a great listener and a very inquisitive person, in addition he thinks along and abundantly contributes to whatever idea, how crazy it might sound. Because he doesn’t let restraining beliefs predominate; it’s better to try and fail than not to attempt at all. A friend like this pushes you onwards and supports you unconditionally.

When he offered me to accompany us to India in our quest to meet the cocoa farmers, I was a bit reluctant at first as it was my first experience ever in a land so far away, solely based on unfounded fear I must add. But this great adventurer appeared to be a true valuable asset to our journey, more then we could’ve hoped for. Mostly thanks to Jérémie’s research beforehand we have had the immense pleasure to meet some of the most prominent organic farmers of Kerala. On top of that we even had the privilege to eat at their table, a delicious and copious meal prepared with produce from their own garden, it couldn’t get any better we can assure…