Matthieu Van Damme

Matthieu believes we ought to be frugal with our precious resources and questions our societal obsession to possess, especially for objects we don’t or barely make use of. By actively participating in a circular economy we can save both money, and the environment.

Of all my friends, Matthieu is the most arduous and practical one. Whatever he can’t find, he’ll build it to his idea of perfection, and with such an eye for details it outdoes any alternative on the market, especially when it comes to bicycles. In all honesty, no other I would trust my bikes to as much as to him, as he’ll absolutely adjust every component to the optimal configuration. The same applies to how he organizes his life, scrupulously.
Whenever Matthieu is available, he’d help me to build a platform and billboard for the bike, a winnower, or even a trailer made to measure. Tinkering projects of which you can find some evidence on our social media and in the pictures enclosed. You’ll get the point, he’s a handy man, has great knowledge about material science and has an advanced education in mathematics. Besides learning a great deal on how to and how not to, we simply enjoy the good moments of laughter over ridicule jokes and word-plays. There’s no need in growing up too fast, that’s how we conceive it. For this, and many other reasons, Matthieu is a meaningful contributor to the growth of Kitchenroots.